Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random thoughts: Why I tweet on the agile community events

I have lots of fun here in Barcelona. It is a wonderful city. Always full of life, beauty and  innovation. Last  January, I had the opportunity to assist to what has become one of the the super-duper, most awaited events for the Agile Barcelona community: The Coding Dojo events hosted at the Runroom Headquarters. Now taking place almost every month! (Don't know what a Coding Dojo is? Take a look here)

It was interesting. It was fun, and between the drinks, the laughs, retrospectives, and the sound of people typing, the atmosphere of candidness and fellowship that surrounded us, was that of old friends getting together to chill out, talk and learn from each others. As a member of the community I think you would agree that it is great to have these events. They are free, or really cheap, and they help motivate, grow and enrich our community. I myself have learned a lot in them. I'm sure if you have been to one of them, you have too!

But, have you stopped to think what makes them possible?

Yes. That is the main factor. Not just the organizers, but also the people that show up! Us! The community! The sponsors and facilitators. This rich ecosystem "we" have created around learning and having fun while doing it. People, is the main reason I tweet at the community organized events. Why?

I tweet because, it helps create dynamism and break the inertia around the subject. It gets people to talk about it. It distributes, replicates and enriches the idea. Whatever it is! SCRUM, agile, javascript or anything else we feel like learning or doing.

It brings people into the community, and it brings them together through the conversation. The exchange of those ideas.

The same way you say thank you when someone offers you a hand, I think twitting is a way of doing something nice for the sponsors, lecturers and presenters of the events. It only takes a second to say thanks for the Gin & Tonics, or for lending us the place, or for giving this great talk. A second to show the people behind this things, that we really appreciate the gesture they are doing for us, so we can enjoy those amazing times.

The same way, I consider constructively saying what you liked or did not like from the event, is a way to contribute to make it better. Yes, constructively. If you just want to bitch, go sit in the bench with him. :)

In short. I believe tweeting can make the agile community stronger, richer and healthier. That is why I do it.

Do you?

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